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Dinner Invite


The kids have taken to eating outside for every meal.  We have this kids’ picnic table we bought when our oldest was a toddler that gets pretty heavy usage from May until somewhere along September.  The kids eat just about every meal outside and I enjoy a slight break from sweeping as there’s far less food on the floor.

On the other hand?  Dinner can get a bit lonely.  Today is not the first time that I wished I had someone else to invite over for dinner.  These nights happen on occasion when the kids’ plates come back in the house largely untouched.

I made chicken fajitas and they were delicious.  The chicken was moist and tender and the grilled veggies (zucchini, green pepper, and onion) were perfect.  You would have loved it, dear reader.  You would have asked for seconds and smiled happily as you pushed your plate away from you.  I would have enjoyed your witty repartee as we talked about the recall and why Governor Walker simply must go.  We’d nod our heads as we remembered walking around in the snow last year and pause at the impossibility of it all.  Maybe we’d even laugh at a joke or two.  Ole and Lena anyone?

I’m betting you would have even stopped me as I headed to the sink with the dishes and insisted, “Oh, please, let me do the dishes.  You’ve worked so hard to make this that I’d be honored if you’d let me clean up.”

I would insist that I was the one who was honored.  No one else ever does the dishes around here.  They sit in the sink were it not for me.  I’d remind you, “Don’t forget the stove!” as I took my iced tea out to the front step to enjoy the warm evening.

Did I not mention the stove before you offered?  See, a few months ago someone stole the gas tank off our grill.  I could have borrowed one from a family member (those things aren’t cheap, you know), but I didn’t think far enough in advance.  I had to use the cast iron grill on the stove instead.  That thing is fantastic (makes a mean panini, too), but hoo-boy, did it ever make a mess.

It really was so generous of you to offer, though, dear reader.  The floor steamer mop-thingy is hanging up on the basement landing in case the floor needs some attention.  I can’t begin to thank you enough.

Who knows, there may have even been desert involved (strawberry shortcakes, if the kids hadn’t eaten them all yesterday) and a cold beer because sometimes-picky-children not withstanding, I’m a terrific hostess.

If only.


2 thoughts on “Dinner Invite

  1. I followed the Fajitas link, the roast peppers were an especially nice touch!