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Sunday at the Flea


I’m sitting in the basement because I have to. Not because I want to. It’s far too warm and breezy upstairs to do so willingly. My husband hates this weather, but I love it. For once I’m warm. I’m going to enjoy it while the thought, “I’m warm,” brings me joy instead of dissolving into “Why does it have to be so damn humid outside?”

It was an early morning preceded by a late night because all of my best thinking takes place after 11pm. Nothing good happens before then, the occasional blog post being the exception, though I’m paying for it with the slightest bit of a headache circling around the back of my head.

Today’s been full of plenty of unusual things and semi-weighed down by annoying questions like, “Did I pay too much at the Flea Market for that yellow Fiesta butter dish?” Or, “Should I go back to school?” The answer to the first one is, “No, I got a good deal.” The later requiring much more mental reserves than I currently have available, though it’s been a lingering question for more than a year at this point. The possibilities for change are interesting to say the least. My husband and I switching places with him staying home with our children isn’t even the biggest. Is a second degree worth it? Will anyone hire me given my late start? What about the current student loan market? Is it wise to borrow money for education when you can’t afford it otherwise? The questions seem easy enough to answer on their face, but to be brutally honest, I don’t know that making any decision before the next Presidential election is wise. Romney hasn’t exactly shown himself a friend to people like me when it comes to college and don’t even get me started on Scott Walker.

Instead, I’ll file it all away at the back of my mind and get on to more pressing matters like finding the perfect pre-camping trip muffin recipe and figuring out what we’ll have for dinner on nights two and three of the trip. I should also probably work out my to-do list for the coming week and put away some laundry.

And bread. Did I mention bread? It seems to me that this weather almost requires one make bread. It won’t bake or rise today (should have made bread yesterday), but the thought of future prospects certainly is appealing.

Of course, there’s always mowing the lawn and the most pressing question of all. Can one consider strawberry shortcake a sufficient dinner?  What if I make it into a waffle and serve it with sausage links?  Weighty matters all.

7 thoughts on “Sunday at the Flea

  1. I think you could just leave it as shortcake and add the sausage and call it dinner. What a great idea. My mouth is watering. I loved your post about wanting dinner company. I agree about waiting til after the elections to make big decisions. I am so worried about the recall election. I am ignoring polls and TV ads and most news stories and still don’t know how i can make it through another couple of weeks.

    • I did end up with waffles (see the next post) mostly because I didn’t want to turn on the oven to bake the shortcakes (which for me are really more like biscuits).

      I’m concerned about all of the upcoming elections, though the recall one in particular is up at the top of my list. I feel like we gave up a lot of momentum back in 2010 by buying into the recall-solves-everything idea. I almost feel like we wasted the opportunity and if the recall doesn’t solve the issue at hand then I wonder what the future holds.

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  3. We had a wonderful time cruising the Flea Market with you. We need to do things like that more often. It was great seeking out your special finds. One never knows what we will come home with from there.

    You are an amazing daughter. I watch in awe as you juggle all of your responsibilities. You are a very intelligent, talented, thoughtful person. I am so proud to say you are my daughter. Hang in there sweetheart!

    • It was a blast! Next time, though, we have to stop for a pork sandwich. That was my one Sunday regret. Thank you for your kind words, Mom. :0) I can get lost in the grind of my daily life.

      • I agree about the pork sandwich. I was so focused on getting you home in time that I lost sight of the all too important pork sandwich. Next Time!

        You are so very welcome. Keep doing what you are doing but don’t forget to take time to nourish “You.” I Love You! 🙂

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