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Weather Unit


I learned something very important today – the online catalog for our library system only allows you to have 35 book requests at one time.  I’ve never gotten close to the limit before, but this can only mean one thing…time for a new unit!

Science (and art) last year took a backseat to history, math, language arts, and phonics.  We were just too busy getting all of that in to make it through more than our study on the universe, its origins, our solar system, and a brief foray into String Theory.  I had fantastic plans that included getting to the origins of life on our planet.

Yes, it is distinctly possible I planned far more than any reasonable person could have covered.  Yes, my son loved every minute of our journey through the universe and the solar system.  Still, I don’t feel like we covered “enough” which means that the summer of 2012 is…cue dramatic music…The Summer of Earth Science!  You also need to hear that read with a deep, booming, echoing voice for the most dramatic effect.

I’m just saying is all.

Like many homeschoolers I start with the spine and fill in around it with other resources.  I’ll include things like labs/demonstrations, notebook pages, looking up vocabulary, copywork, and maybe even a few art projects.  For our Summer of Earth Science I’ll also add in some cross-disciplinary topics as time allows.

To that end, here’s what we’re using for our Summer of Earth Science:


Additional Labs/Demonstrations

Non-Fiction Books



Videos (free online)

Scholastic Lesson Plan for “The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm”
Scholastic Online Game – Adventures of Weather Lizard
Climate and Weather (from National Geographic)
How Stuff Works Earth Science Videos
Interview with a Meteorologist (Virtual Field Trip)

More Videos (check your local library)

Field Trips
The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois – Science Storms

Other Resources that You May Find Helpful


3 thoughts on “Weather Unit

  1. Have you seen the weather lapbooks at Homeschool SHare? http://www.homeschoolshare.com/connections__weather.php

    We’re going to be using the Weather Word’s one soon, and maybe adapt the Hurricane ones for little kids? Still not sure. Thanks for all the resources.

    • I did see that one, though I’ve never been able to get into lapbooks. I think the kids might enjoy it given their penchant for Evan-Moor’s History Pockets, but I often find myself a bit perplexed by them, lol. CurrClick.com also has some great lapbooking resources for weather if that interests you.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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