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Why I don’t buy Usborne books new anymore and what Scott Walker has to do with it.

I have relied heavily on Usborne books in our homeschooling these last couple of years.  My kids absolutely love the layout and I’ve found that they’re really well written and easy to implement.  However, earlier this year Usborne (EDC) elected to pull all of their books from Amazon.  At the time I didn’t think too much of it.  There were still plenty of copies to go around.  By now, though, more and more titles have been listed as “unavailable.”  Clearly if I can’t buy them used, I will be looking for alternatives in the future.


EDC’s goal was to shift sales to museum stores, brick and mortar bookstores, and their network of independent sales consultants.

How does Scott Walker have anything to do with that?

As much as I’d love to buy local, that 8% cut in pay my husband took has to come from somewhere.  Buying local (and paying more) was one of the first things to go.

It’s math not magic and the principle seems fairly intuitive to me.  Even though we now have a smaller amount of money coming in, we have all of the same responsibilities we did before.  Something had to change.  All of my warm, fuzzy feelings about my local businesses won’t feed, clothe, or educate my children.  I could maintain my altruism or I could put the needs of my children and my family first.

Less money in…less spending.  Less local economic activity…less need to hire new employees.  Need fewer employees?  Higher unemployment.  Oh, wait, that’s Wisconsin.

But I thought he said things were working?

Scott Walker’s “pre-election miracle” notwithstanding, we still led the nation in job losses.  Where other states, even Illinois which Walker just loves to bad mouth, have seen improvement, we’ve languished.

Like I said, it’s math, not magic and reason number one why the Emperor Without Clothes absolutely needs to go.

Let’s put people first and get the state back on track.  On June 5th, Recall Walker.


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