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WIGOP – Not Exactly the Cream of the Crop


Dear WI GOP,

Remember this?

I’ve since stopped trying to participate and instead have decided to ask you to stop calling me.  As in remove me from your contact list, I’m not even the slightest bit undecided.  There isn’t a point at which I’ve ever been undecided when it concerned Scott Walker.  Never.

WIGOP, I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.  I’ve asked you to stop calling numerous times.  Alas, much like the Friends of Joe, the WIGOP appears to be just as clueless (as if any of the emails I sent Governor Walker were unclear).  I’m still getting phone calls.

I’ve volunteered for a political campaign’s phone bank before, I know how this goes.  You call the numbers, you mark the sheet accordingly, and the campaign goes through the sheet each day and removes disconnected numbers and those who ask you not to call them.

Today, I saw the Caller ID (Republican Party, 608-257-8029) and I answered the phone just like I’ve answered the 10 other phone calls I’ve gotten from a multitude of organizations.  I explained to your volunteer that I would not be voting for Scott Walker and asked that they please have me removed from the list.  Remove…meaning that I’d like you to stop calling.  This isn’t rocket science.

Perhaps the volunteer was just nervous, but the conversation went a bit like this:

Me:  I’m voting for Barrett on Tuesday.  I’ve asked more than a few times before for the Republican Party to please remove me from the calling list.  Please remove me from your calling list.

Volunteer:  Heh, Barrett’s going to lose.

Me:  (asking as politely as I can) Please remove me from your calling list.

Volunteer:  Heh, Walker’s going to win.

Me:  Remove me from your calling list.

At which point I hung up.  How hard would it be for your volunteers to stay on script?  How hard is it to mark a “do not call” next to my name on your print out?  Wouldn’t your time be better served calling the people who will be likely to vote for your candidate?

At this point, though, I think one of the qualifications (either to volunteer for a candidate or to run for office under the WIGOP banner) is the inability to listen….because really, I think that’s the only way you can explain the willful ignorance that seems to surround your party.  You hear the words I’m saying, and choose to hear something else.

By the way, WIGOP, your volunteers really know how to construct a persuasive argument.  I guess all someone had to say to me was “Heh, Barrett’s going to lose” in order for me to change my vote.  Why didn’t I think of that?


You’ve Still Got to be Kidding Me


3 thoughts on “WIGOP – Not Exactly the Cream of the Crop

  1. I’m doing phone bank on Mon. and Tues. so I will remember not to say things that are this stupid to the people I call!! I guess they figure if they call you enough, you’ll just give in and vote for Scottie. Can’t imagine anything that would make us vote for him on Tuesday or any time in the future.

    • Me either….and really they usually set this stuff up so it’s pretty fool proof. Maybe the WIGOP does it differently, but when phone banking for the Dems they remind you multiple times to stick to the script. Put it into your own words maybe, but, you know, stick to the script. Maybe this is the WIGOP script?

      I’m actually beginning to think that I’m on some sort of super-secret Republican list with express instructions to annoy me as much as possible. I don’t know how else to explain it. Well, not exactly…stupidity would explain it, but I’m trying not to assume the worst of anyone.

      I have the utmost confidence that you’ll be able to avoid repeating this phone banker’s mistakes. :0)

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