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608-257-8029 = “Republican Party” on my Caller ID


I’m getting a number of hits on the blog here looking for more information on the number 608-257-8029.  Here’s what I know or can speculate:

I’ve gotten several phone calls from this number lately and all of them come up as “Republican Party” on the caller ID.  I believe this is the same number they called from when they were doing the “survey” earlier this year, but I can’t be sure as the caller ID on my land line phone only keeps 30 days worth.  I’ve received 4 or 5 calls from this number within the past week or so.  I have asked each time they call that they stop calling.  I even got a call from them on Sunday after I asked them on Saturday to stop calling (again).

All of the phone calls I have received from this number have been live people in what I would assume is a volunteer phone banking operation.  None of them have been robo-calls.  I actually can’t be sure about the one on Sunday, though, since I let that one go to voicemail and deleted it without listening to it.

Aside from their willful ignorance concerning my requests that they stop calling me, they have (mostly) been polite.  The clueless phone banker from Saturday notwithstanding.  I find it odd that they keep calling me as I had thought they would be better at directing their efforts to their supporters, but I suppose when you’ve got something like a gazillion dollars (more than half of which came from out of state) to spend targeting one’s efforts is a waste of time.

They have not called since, but if it were me, I don’t know that I would believe much of anything that comes from 608-257-8029.  If you’re looking for information on voting, where to vote, how to vote, what you need to vote, the GAB has a web page you can start at.

If you have problems at the polls you can contact Election Protection at 1-866-OURVOTE.

If you haven’t voted yet, your job isn’t done.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Signing the recall petition was the first step.  Actually voting at the polls is the last.  Get out and vote!


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  1. Good luck today.