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Salvage Those Selvages

Using the selvage…so cool!

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A selvage is the edge of a fabric where you find information about the designer and manufacturer, along with dots of all the colors used in the fabric. It’s “a tightly woven edge that runs along both outermost edges of a fabric’s lengthwise grain. Selvage edges keep the fabric from fraying.” Definition from About.com.

In general these are the parts of the fabric that end up in the trash. Why would somebody want the fabric manufacturer’s or the designer’s name in their beautifully pieced quilt top?

But as we all know, quilters are a very resourceful bunch and, believe it or not, there are quilters not only using selvages in their quilts but raising the bar on creativity once again.

Just take a look at this amazing Flickr set by Julie. Pincushions, table toppers, and quilts, oh my! All made using selvages.

And lots of people are dedicated to…

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