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To Do Lists and Laundry and Preparing for the Heat…


…and did I mention that I have a headache?

I would like to hibernate today.  Shut down with the shades drawn and pretend that I don’t have children.  Ok, so the pretending I don’t have children part isn’t going to happen.  At all.  Still, the dark, quite room does have its appeal.

We’re knee-deep in summer these days complete with camping trips (and all of the work that goes in to getting ready to go and then coming home), mosquito bites, water, sand, and heat.  That last one being why I won’t probably just hibernate the day away.

I hate leaving the house when it’s above 90 degrees.  I don’t like hot parking lots, hot cars, or the glare of the sun off of all those paved and metal surfaces.  It makes my head ache even more just thinking of it.  So there’s the trip to the Y for my many times weekly visit to the fitness center and the library (both of them) to pick up books and turn in reading logs that I really should get done today.  But then there’s the tension of not wanting to do those things and instead let the kids play outside as much as possible while the weather is still fairly mild.

Did I mention the ever clicking cost analysis that’s sounding alarm bells in my head?  The inner dialogue goes a bit like this:

Analytical, Bill Paying Me:  You really should close up the house and turn the air conditioning on already.

Far Less Practical, Come What May Me:  But it’s so nice outside!  Smell that fresh air!  Listen to the birds sing!  It’s all so fresh and new and…

Analytical Me:  The longer you wait, the warmer the house is going to get and the longer it’s going to take for the air conditioner to cool the house down.  Have you forgotten about global warming?  Imagine all those fossil fuels!

Flighty, Creative Me:  (continuing on as if not interrupted)  …conducive to getting things done.  I feel so much more inspired when I can feel connected with the outside world.  You know I can’t work when the air is stuffy and still.  All that recycling of the same air over and over again.  It can’t be healthy!

Analytical Me:  (slightly annoyed) You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?

Flighty Me:  No, I heard you.  Money, air conditioner, money, global warming, blah, blah, blah.  Your point?

Analytical Me:  These are real concerns.  We need to make the responsible decision which includes not waiting until it’s hotter than Hades outside to turn the air conditioning on.  You’re the one who suggested looking up the weather forecast this morning.

Flighty Me:  No, that was the husband.  Besides, if we’re concerned about climate change then we should probably leave the air conditioning off altogether.

Analytical Me:  Are you insane?  The heat index tomorrow is supposed to be over 100!  Plus, it’s not supposed to get very cool at night.  The house will never get a chance to cool down!  We’ll never get to sleep when it’s that warm.  Think of the children!

Flighty Me:  Now look who’s ruining the environment…

Analytical Me:  I’m just asking you to be reasonable and to think about the real life impact on our budget that delaying the inevitable will cause.  After all, you were the one suggesting that we create nature exploring backpacks to use with the kids.  How exactly are you going to pay for that if we’re spending extra money to cool the house down?

Flighty Me:  …and burning all those fossil fuels.  Ooo!  Look!  Did you see that bird over there?

Analytical Me:  You’re still not listening to me are you?

Flighty Me:  I need to find the camera.  That would make a great picture.

Analytical Me:  Helloooooo…..  Earth to you!

Flighty Me:  Sorry, what were we talking about?

It’s a wonder I get anything done.


2 thoughts on “To Do Lists and Laundry and Preparing for the Heat…

  1. WE pay our utilities on a monthly plan where you pay the same amount each month and twice a year they adjust it depending on how much you are actually using. We had a huge drop in our monthly billing amount because of the early spring when we had the heat off and no AC either. I was thrilled at all the money we would save. Well that was a short dream. We keep the doors and windows closed and the curtains closed and only turn on the AC when we really must. But I am finding this weather just too much, and using AC more than I planned or prefer. But I do the same back and forth just like you and it makes my husband crazy. Can’t help it.

    • We do the budget billing thing too. This year was the first year that they adjusted it in April. We’ve only ever had it adjusted in October. Our bill went down about $20 and so far we’re still under kwh usage from last year. We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes, though. I’m always thinking further down the road, though. What will my usage right now do to the bill amount come October?

      I can’t leave the house shut up for too long, though. The kicker on the AC for me is how far under 70 degrees the temps fall at night and whether or not the humidity is high. I try to be stingy, but my husband doesn’t sleep well when it’s warm and I feel like I should try to make it slightly more comfortable for him.

      At this point in our relationship I think my husband has given up. His response is always that I should do whatever keeps us the most comfortable since we’re home all day. We’re probably a bit less sensitive than he is, though, and the big maple trees help. It seems like it should be an easy decision for me, but alas it is not.