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Dear Passive-Aggressive Gem at the YMCA:

Do you know what’s worse than parking crooked in a space in the parking lot?  Leaving a note like this on someone’s windshield.  As for who’s being “an a-hole?”  Yeah, I think we’re pretty safe in saying it’s you.

Rest assured, the intended victim of your passive-agressive temper tantrum did not get your gem of a note.  I saw it on their windshield when I pulled into the spot in front of them and took it off their car.  I figured it would be my random act of kindness for the day.

Seriously people…life’s far too short and much too stressful to freak out over someone’s parking job.  Is it annoying?  Sure!  Is it really worth leaving notes like this over?  No!  There are far more important issues at hand – like marriage equality, standing up against discrimination, and trying to keep Republican shenanigans to a minimum.

As for me?  I figure it’s my job to help protect the world from “a-hole[s]” like you.


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