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Ten Years for My Love


Ten years later, if I had to do it all over again, there’s much I would have done differently on our wedding day, but I wouldn’t change the one I married.  I couldn’t have picked a better partner in life if I had tried.

Some day we’ll get our do over and we won’t have to work around the Bible college.  I’m thinking in the woods on the Autumn Equinox.  I’ll wear red with flowers in my hair, you wear jeans.  There’ll be celtic knots, mums, autumn leaves, and we’ll skip the religious folk.  The kids’ll join in and we’ll only invite the folks we really want to be there.  We’ll have less drama and better pictures.

Oh, and cake.  Did I mention we’d have the same cake?  Chocolate just like that one year you bought it for me for my birthday because you know me better than anyone.

I don’t know where all the time went, my love, and it hasn’t been an easy road to walk, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned along the way is that we’re worth it.


5 thoughts on “Ten Years for My Love

  1. You just brought tears to my eyes. How sweet. Sounds like a beautiful celebration. Can I come. Love, Mom 🙂

  2. Best wishes on the next ten. Life is definitely better if you manage to find the right partner. I did and sounds like you did as well!

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  4. Sweet, very sweet!