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Bringing Vision to Light


I have a handful of projects that I can see clearly in my mind, but I struggle with how to birth them into being.  Two are quilt based – one based upon the wheel of the year and the other on the Celtic Wheel of Being.

The last is for above my fireplace to replace the outdated family photos.  I can picture a tree in black.  Not overly detailed, but large enough to fill the panel of the wall there.  Large trunk and gnarled branches reaching up all around.  I can’t describe it and I don’t know that I could draw it either.

The Artist’s Way is bringing these ideas back to the foreground for me and giving me (slightly) more courage to make them reality.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Vision to Light

  1. Sounds very cool. Which one are we doing first?

    • The one based on the Celtic Wheel of Being. Oh, and one of the husband’s co-workers is an artist and he’s going to ask him if he would be interested in helping me with my tree project. First I’m going to work on a little rainbow colored thing for my mantle and the I’m going to work on getting my vision a bit clearer so that we can get to work straight away this fall. :0)