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On Deck for Today


Green Girl in Wisconsin did a numbered list of things she took away from last night so I thought I’d do a different spin on things with a numbered list for today because I think numbered lists aren’t utilized nearly as often as they should.

And because I would be lost without my lists.

  1. Relishing ever so slightly in the memories of having met Mrs. G.  As in I actually left the house on my own.  Without my children as accessories.  That almost never happens.  (Green Girl in Wisconsin has a great write up including pictures)

  2. Working on a quilting project.  We have a nature table?…altar?…mantle?  It’s something.  We have significant bits, bobs, and doo dads up there.  I’ve always envisioned something seasonally inspired for it all to sit on.  I have two of the four seasons already taken care of.  I missed spring’s and we’re already part of the way into summer, but better late than never I suppose. I’ve recently expanded the collection to take up the entire mantle, but I’m going to make this one to match the other two size wise.

    There will be a mantle hierarchy.

  3. Educating the boy.  They’ve already watched an episode of Reading Rainbow so we’ve at least gotten started.  We’ll need to finish the rest of the weather lesson as well as some math and language arts.

  4. Keeping my children from killing each other.  They’ve been bickering quite a bit more lately than usual.  The oldest being the instigator.  Le sigh.

  5. Going to the YMCA.  I’ll drop my children off at ChildWatch and let someone else watch them for an hour so that I can practice going nowhere on a bike.

  6. The Artists’s Way, Week Two.

  7. Filing.  Lovely task that filing.  Hate it.  On the other hand it’s July and I still haven’t filed away the paperwork from our tax return.  I filed our return in February.  You do the math.

    Oh, and #2 is dependent on this one so I really shouldn’t procrastinate too much longer.

    I’ll also need to clean up after the present that my dearest fur lover has left me.  I’ve been asking the husband to do it for a couple of days now.  *grumble, grumble*

4 thoughts on “On Deck for Today

  1. Glad to hear you went to the meeting. Sounds like an excellent plan. I couldn’t function without lists. 🙂