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Monday Mosaic


I’m working my way through a multi-part paper pieced maple leaf, which has required lots of measuring and math on my part.  My printer, though I love it dearly, does not always print lighter colors.  The seam allowances on this pattern are so light I can’t see them which makes for more frustration than I anticipated.  This particular pattern does not include the 1/4″ seam allowance lines which required I put them in.  I got two of the pieces done, but when I first attached A and B together the resulting strip was much too small.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks is that above all I must have enough extra on each side in order to square the block up in the end.  Measuring and figuring multiple times has been key.  Unfortunately, I really do need to get the family fed.

So much for going to the YMCA today.

It’s all working toward a much more complicated set of paper piece projects.  These Sesame Street blocks for a certain tiny blond girl and these Harry Potter blocks for a growing-older-every-day boy.  If I’m successful with any of those (and I’d like to think optimistically) then I’ll also need to figure out something for the brown-eyed girl.  I’m thinking wall quilt for each of them.  Mostly, I’m just hoping they’ll all like any of this by the time next year Christmas rolls around because, let’s face it, I needed to have started all this months ago.

The rest of the day will be filled up with a Harry Potter movie-marathon with the husband while we pretend he doesn’t have to go back to work tomorrow.  It’s the going back to work part that’s always the hardest so shhhhhh…we’re going to pretend that’s not less than a smidge over twelve hours away.



3 thoughts on “Monday Mosaic

  1. How cool that you have found your niche! Run with it!

    Hope you enojoyed your marathon movie night. I always enjoy them.