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Sun Bread


I don’t think I’ve ever written about sun bread on the blog before.  I tried searching and can’t find a post with pictures so I’ll assume that I haven’t.

I can’t claim this as an original idea as I got it from Elisa Kleven’s book, “Sun Bread.”  The first time the kids and I made it using the recipe on the back of the book it was…ghastly. Terrible.  Absolutely disgusting.

Since then I’ve substituted the recipe from Kleven’s book for a recipe called “Mary’s Challah Bread” that I’ve adjusted to make using my KitchenAid mixer in much the way that I make all my other bread (influenced heavily by Peter Reinhart).

While I have made it for other occasions, I’ve become attached to it as a Winter Solstice/Candlemas/Imbloc thing.  It feels wrong to make the sun shape any other time of the year and for any other gathering.  I’ll make the bread, but I won’t make the shape.  I guess in a way it’s become sacred to me and I think it’s important to honor that.

For me bread in the shape of the sun means something.  There are other significant points in the year that are also sun related, but it feels right to me that they should have their own shape.

Today is one of those days with it’s own shape.  I considered making the bread in the shape of a sheaf of wheat to play up the harvest connection even further.  I had a few ideas as to how I could make that possible that involved a kitchen shears and some patience.

The triple spiral (common symbol amongst most early European cultures) seemed about right for today.  Though, next time, I’m definitely going for the sheaves of wheat (more literal or more rustic).


4 thoughts on “Sun Bread

  1. The bread is wonderful.

    • This one wasn’t as tasty as previous batches. I think I might have ended up with slightly more yeast than I needed. Just goes to show you what happens when I get distracted by certain small folks.

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