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That Explains Things


She talks about spreadsheets and if I didn’t know it already, I do now. This is where my spreadsheet fetish comes from.

Fiber Art by Cindy Anderson

I always look forward to grabbing time to relax.  Door County is our all-time favorite destination.  Have you ever been there?  If not, go ahead and find a map of Wisconsin.  I’ll wait.  OK, now, using your finger, draw an imaginary line along Wisconsin’s eastern border.  As your finger moves north-east, do you notice a thumb-like formation.  At the top of that thumb is Door County.  Door County is surrounded by water on three sides.  To the east is Lake Michigan and on the west is Green Bay.

Just as Lake Michigan is very different from Green Bay so too are the lifestyles of Door County’s eastern and western shores.  The eastern shore boasts quiet towns famous for their slower pace.  In contrast the western shore bustles with restaurants and shops filled to the brim with people.  Whether you seek a quiet peaceful existence or thrive amid the commotion of crowds and endless action you are sure to find your place in Door County. …

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7 thoughts on “That Explains Things

  1. Ah, yes….spreadsheets!! I do not quilt, or scrapbook, or write poetry, or paint. I find ways to organize my world in spreadsheets. I thought it was a ‘condition,’ but now I know there are others!!

    • Oh, it’s still a condition, but on the other hand, yes there are others. I have a spreadsheet for everything. Sometimes they even have nifty little checkboxes. :0)

      • Teach me the “checkboxes” and could you also teach me how to use “check marks”?

        • Ummm…I don’t know if I can. Back when we bought our Mac I was faced with an option – buy Microsoft Office for boku bucks or buy iWork for pennies. I bought iWork and promptly forgot most of what I knew about Office.

          I suspect, based upon what I’ve read about checkboxes in Excel, that Microsoft has significantly changed the program.

          On my Mac I ask Numbers how to do it and it shows me where to find it. Then I can just use my mouse to check the box.

          However, we could probably muddle through it together as long as you don’t mind me sitting there looking dumb for awhile.

  2. BTW, I really like your banner picture. Super photography!