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Spinning My Wheels


What I am about to tell you will make it seem like I haven’t gotten anything done today which would be well within the rules of Summer Vacation (with capital letters), but would run contrary to my internal to do list that ticks far louder than any woman’s biological clock.

Well, actually, I suppose to the outside world what I just said will appear to be a bald faced lie by the time you get to the bottom of this post.

It’s all about perception, my friends.

I have checked in on my Tribez and cheated, paid bills, made sure my kids were fed, asked my kids 10,000 times to get dressed, asked my kids 10,000 to please stop fighting/hitting/screaming, went to JoAnns and got a fantastic deal on fabric (yay! coupons!, but no pictures because it’s 98 degrees outside and I don’t love any of you that much), took Red (the van) through the car wash, and went to the gas station.  Did I mention the Chatty Cathy we tried to outrun in the fabric store?  Walk away woman, walk away!

I’ve also read through my emails and the items in my Google Reader.  I’ve commented on a few blog posts and checked the stats on this one.  I emptied a trash can, listened to my husband chatter, took stickers off the fat quarters I just purchased, and reorganized a few things.

Edith Piaf is playing over my computer speakers which sort of demands I do something.  Be creative!  Produce!  Write!  Sew!  Be Creative!

Where are you going?  Too neurotic?

I did find a nice glass jar on the shelf in the basement that I put on the corner of my desk with fabric scraps in it which is the extent of my creativity today.  I’ve also decided that I need something to hang up fabrics on that I’ve ironed out and am holding out while waiting for inspiration.  Like this one maybe?  Or maybe longer – dowel rods in some sort of rack I can hang on the wall.  I should add this to my husband’s honey-do list.

This year, for Yuletide, I want lumber.

5 thoughts on “Spinning My Wheels

  1. Sounds like my kind of day! She was an annoying lady

  2. Great solution for hanging fabric

  3. I use those hangers for trousers that hold five or six pairs to hold my shawls which are the equivalent of lengths of facric. I am addicted to gorgeous fabric shawls and scarves. I just donated my sewing machine to The Sewing Machine Project and have very little fabric left. Decided I would rather use my creative time gardening and drawing. Too many interests and too little time.

    • That’s actually a fantastic idea. I could see where I could hang them, although there’s talk of routers and drills and other tools it’s going to be awhile before my husband gets around to the project. He’d have to be home first. I had never heard of The Sewing Machine Project before – what a neat idea!

      I can understand the limited time aspect to life. I’m an inch deep, mile wide sort of person at the moment. More things to do than I have time in the day!