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The “D” Word


As in D – O – G.

It has been brought to my attention that my family members would all prefer a dog.  Anytime one is mentioned their ears perk up and the questions start.  Could we get a dog?  Most importantly to them, when?

I prefer to ignore the dog coveting members of my family – even when they tell me that they really would rather have gotten a dog instead of the cats way back when.  In my defense…I tried.  All of the dogs that they approved for children at the Humane Society were the bully breeds or very large dogs so we brought home the cats instead.

But really, who wouldn’t love a furry friend like this one enough that one would never think about upsetting the careful balance that exists between us humans and our masters (the cats).

This, dear reader, is the most easy-going cat I have ever met.  He answers to the name of Tweedle and is the consummate lap cat.  Granted, neither he or his litter mate, Dee, have shown an interest in the husband lately, but in their furry defense, he’s never home.

But they adore me, apparently.  All I have to do is sit down in my recliner and I have a lap full of them.  They do tend to present butt first as if that’s their payment for sitting on my lap.  And yes, Tweedle does prefer to sit on my chest right in front of my face.  These are the quirks of being a cat owner.  Personality, I like to call it.  Entertaining.  Endearing.

Speaking of Tweedle, did I mention that he’s part rabbit?  He has the biggest hind feet that I’ve ever seen and when I asked the vet a couple of weeks ago if she thought he was overweight she laughed and said, “Have you seen how long he is?”  Yes, but he’s 14 pounds!  She insisted that this was entirely appropriate for him and I decided to defer to her professional opinion since she’s the one with DVM after her name.

I can kind of see the dog appeal.  The cats do spend something like 12-18 hours a day sleeping in the bay window in the living room.  That’s not exactly what you’d call exciting.

We did stop by the Humane Society to see the one dog they had that met my criteria (small to medium size and not a bully breed).  He was a very nice dog, but he’s a beagle’s beagle and while I appreciate that I’d never have problems with rabbits in the yard, I’m also afraid he’d chase the cats or annoy the neighbors with his barking.  What he really needs is to find a forever home with a family that hunts or tracks.  It’s almost like someone trained him.  He’d be so good at it, dear reader.

Miss L cried most of the way home, but I think she’d adopt any dog or cat that crossed her path.  She was heartbroken that we didn’t bring the beagle home today.

Truth be told, if I’m going to have a dog, I’m holding out hope for a Miniature Schnauzer just like the one I had when I was growing up.  We named him Theodore of Nottingham, but called him Teddy for short.  He was such a sweet dog and lived with us until my parents brought home Johan, a Norwegian Elkhound.  Johan was…not particularly bright.  He made up for his lack of intelligence with energy and friendliness.  He loved everyone, Teddy included.  It’s just that he had more energy than Teddy (or our orange tabby cat) could handle.  I miss that dog.

The “D” word…gotta be careful when saying that one out loud.