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And That’s When it Hits You


It’s almost 2am and I’ve been working on this project for most of the day.  It’s supposed to end up as a replacement for my existing purse (the $5 I got on clearance at Target).

It started out earlier today as 38 strips of denim.  Several hours later and more thread than I can imagine it’s just hit me.

I made a rug.

A really nice one.  A strip of binding on the ends and it would be quite handsome.

No really…it’s perfect for my kitchen.

This is when you walk away and hope that things look better in the daylight.


5 thoughts on “And That’s When it Hits You

    • It’s gorgeous, but I’m still not sure it will work. I think it might be too stiff, but I’ll bring it round and see what you think of it first. :0)

  1. This (reading this post) is pretty much the most awesome thing about my day today.

    • Aww….I’m honored. I should write more and craft more when I’m sleep deprived, yes? It was inordinately funny to me last night…er, this morning.

      I took it with to show my mom and see what she thought and she also thought it looked like a rug (a very nice one mind you). It was in the backseat of the car when we went over to see my sister and she said, “Nice rug,” when she saw it (without knowing the back story) so I guess it really is a rug.

      On the other hand, I hope that tomorrow is far more awesome for you.

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