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While I Find My Brain


We’ve traveled somewhere over 700 miles this past weekend so I’m feeling a little scattered.  I might have left my brain somewhere back on the Dan Ryan Expressway or possibly near Lebanon.  Hard to say.

There’s still a bit of camping gear left to put away – the consequence of not wanting to hang around my in-laws for longer than absolutely necessary on Sunday.  Plus it’s cold. I’m only complaining a little, mind you.  I do remember how hot it was in July.

This is the rug I made before I went out of town this past weekend.  It’s sitting patiently on my cutting table while I figure out what I’m going to do with it.  I was hoping that this weekend might have given me a clearer vision, but then I spent most of it tolerating my mother-in-law which meant I didn’t snap at her and while there were lots of tears (on her part), moping (on her part), and pity partying (on her part) it was one of the more enjoyable visits with my in-laws which is all I’m going to say about that for now.

I’m leaning towards using a seam ripper to take one strip of two off each side of the bag which would make it the same width as my existing purse.  I’d also cut six inches off the length which would make it depth-wise very similar as well.  With a few more (minor) adjustments to the pattern I think I could reasonably finish it.

Or I could make something else.  My mom thinks it’s too nice for a rug, but that would definitely be the easiest route and it would be very attractive.

Other than that I’m waiting patiently on the new Mumford & Sons CD, mourning the fact that they’re not coming anywhere near here on tour, thinking about going to the library to pick up the dog books I have on hold, entertaining twice daily questions from the husband about whether or not our application has been approved by the dog rescue (you’d be the first to know for goodness’ sake), trying to decide where to go camping in September (can’t make up my mind), trying to figure out which is worse Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan (probably Paul Ryan), and generally trying to avoid just staring off into space.

If I had a crystal ball I’d be seeing a nap in my children’s near future.