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Let it not be said that it went to waste


When I finished up the body of the bag earlier this week there were scraps leftover.  It felt like a waste to throw them out given how much time and thread had gone into the endeavor*.  I decided to cut them up (and in one case creatively piece together) and make a set of coasters.  As an extra bonus I now have four empty bobbins where there used to be none.

Finally…a coaster that the kids won’t break into pieces (like the set of stone type coasters I used to own).

*WordPress tells me that I shouldn’t use this word because it’s too complex.  According to them I should always use the simple word over the complex.  Well, pooh on you.  I’m using it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Let it not be said that it went to waste

  1. Super cute!

    Now, my two cents on the ‘complex.’ Maybe we should embrace using only emoticons instead of written English. All dem crazy words and stuff….