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I think I underestimated…


…just how much soccer was going to cost for my second grader. I knew there would be cleats, shin guards and the fee for the team through the YMCA.

I haven’t bought the cleats yet so I don’t know for sure how much they’ll cost, but after having him try on a few cheap pairs at Target – none of which came close to fitting him properly – I knew I’d have to explore alternative routes which usually means things are going to cost more.

All three of my children have wide feet and not a single discount place carries wide shoes in their size.  I typically make the trek up the interstate to Monona where the kind folks at Monona Bootery take care of my kids’ shoe needs just like they did when I was a kid.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of them first when it came to soccer cleats, but I should have.

When I called yesterday to ask them if they carried soccer cleats for kids, they said that not only do they carry them, but they only carry them in wide because folks like me can’t find them anywhere else.  Which is why, If you live in the Madison area (or down here in Rock County), I highly recommend Monona Bootery for all your shoe related needs (and they don’t pay me to say that).

The one thing I didn’t consider was the impact my son playing soccer would have on my grocery budget. Then there was lunch yesterday and any thoughts I may have had about grocery budgets went out the window.  Seven pieces of Jack’s pepperoni pizza for lunch plus two lettuce, mayo, and cheese sandwiches (I suggested the cheese, he just wanted lettuce and mayo) later, he no longer had the desperately hungry look on his face.

I suppose I should have anticipated this as he’s already tall and skinny (with chicken legs) and has a tendency to pack away more food than I would have thought possible on a regular day.  Now?  Good golly, Gertrude, the grocery store is going to love it when they see us come through the door!


2 thoughts on “I think I underestimated…

  1. My little brother and I both played soccer. I ended up also doing ballet, while my little brother did T-ball and indoor soccer. My mom always said we were trying to eat her out of house and home… she probably wasn’t kidding. Considering how hungry the two of us always were because of what we were burning off all the time, yeah, I can say that your grocery budget is going to go up. I’m sorry about that, but yay for healthy children?

    • I agree on the healthy children part. It’s a small price to pay I suppose for helping him develop healthy habits. I will learn to take that into account in the future, though. :0)