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Summer Vacation (with capital letters) and Goal Setting

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Summer Vacation (with capital letters) stretched from two weeks into more than month.  I’ve been asked a few times when we’re going to start again and I usually just shrugged.  We’re enjoying the time off and…so…there you go.

I have gone through what’s left to cover of the weather unit (and made a few adjustments) and while we won’t get to our Earth Science lessons before the Fall Trimester begins, we’ve still accomplished quite a bit.

We’re going to continue Summer Vacation (with capital letters) through the end of August and right through Labor Day weekend. I will try to fit in two weather unit lessons during our break before finishing up the remaining three in the first week of September.  Then we’ll have the mini-break I had already planned before beginning the Fall Trimester on Wednesday, September 12th.

I’ve pretty much completed my school year lesson plans at this point minus a few Life Science lessons.  I had a rough sketch of a schedule finished awhile ago, but I’m reconsidering that.  We may switch back and forth between history and science (one week of history followed by one week of science) to help us focus a bit more in-depth on a subject for the span of a week.  Some people do this on a monthly basis (focus on science for a month and then history the next month), but we’re going to hold off on that just yet.

Mr. J’s strengths continue to include history, science, math, handwriting, and reading.  We’ll continue on as we have before in these areas as we stretch and shore up slight weaknesses within those subjects.

Mr. J’s weaknesses include writing and social skills which we will be focusing on in the coming year.

We’re a bit limited on social opportunities being that we’re secular, non-Christian homeschoolers.  My attempts at getting a secular group started failed rather miserably.  I did briefly consider trying out the homeschooling co-op nearby, but after contacting them earlier this week it’s clear to me that they will not be a good fit.  Somewhat frustratingly, this means that there are in effect two Christian homeschooling co-ops in the area and zero truly inclusive groups.

Homeschool Swim & Gym at the YMCA has not proven to be enough for Mr. J who is beginning to show a difference in maturity level compared to his public schooled peers.  Boy Scouts are out (doubly so after the Boy Scouts choose to reaffirm their exclusionary policies in July of this year).  The husband and I have been talking about this quite a bit lately and tossed around ideas like the Boys & Girls Club, 4-H, and enrolling Mr. J in the local public school.

We’ve settled on team sports (soccer in the fall and spring which Mr. J is already interested in plus maybe basketball), 4-H, and classes at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

For writing we’re going to focus on completing more of the daily writing exercises in Voyages in English plus we’ll consider adding in Bravewriter’s Jot It Down! later on this fall.  We’re also going to be continuing the progress we’ve made in reading comprehension last year with another round of Comprehension Plus.

On top of all that, I need to find a way to get it all done while also maintaining time for myself.  The more activities there are, the more driving around I do, and the less space there is for me.  It’s definitely going to require careful thought on my part to fit it all in!


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