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Book #6 is Finished


We finished book #6 on the way to our last camping trip of the season at Blue Mounds State Park.  The husband often laments that he only gets to hear pieces of the books we read given that he’s seldom home when we are reading them.  The kids really liked this one and we could have likely finished it much quicker had I not felt a bit touched out when it came to reading aloud.  I’ve cut myself a bit of slack though, I’ve been a reading machine for the last year or so.  Everyone deserves a bit of a break.

We began #7, “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan,  around the campfire on that same trip and have made pretty good time along the way.  The husband is again, sad that he won’t get to hear the rest of the story!

The Read Aloud Project will continue even if we’re not homeschooling because I think it’s that important.


2 thoughts on “Book #6 is Finished

  1. One of the things I miss most about my boys having grown into young men is reading to them!!! It is such an intimate, comfortable ritual, never mind the benefits toward literacy! (And, as I recall, ‘The Lightning Thief’ was a big hit with my older son). PS because my boys are dyslexic, we were able to (FOR FREE) borrow books on tape from a local school for the blind (Perkins, in Watertown, MA)… I never could have kept up with my older son’s appetite for stories.

    Of note – my kids came of age along with the Harry Potter books – and my husband and I (because we alternated reading nights) each got only 1/2 of each novel… It was with some delight that I devoured the last one, silently, on my own, because both boys were also reading it by themselves.

    • It is such a wonderful way to spend time together. We’ve spent many a trip in the car with time zooming by as I read out loud. I also love that it’s such a great way, as you’ve mentioned, of being able to steep kids in stories and language without being limited by a child’s reading abilities.

      We’ve only done one audio book so far when I had a trial membership at Audible, and while I thought it was a fantastic way to read Book #2 of the Kane series by Rick Riordan, my kids made it clear that they much preferred when I did the reading. I actually kind of enjoy it and sometimes wonder if I should have pursued a career as an audiobook narrator (is that even a thing?). The Harry Potter series was a huge hit in our family (dh had read them long before we did with the kids), though I read ahead on my own. It is different when you get to read silently on your own so I can imagine it was a real treat for you! :0)

      Thanks for stopping by!