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Fantastic article on Mormonism.

What would happen if American Conservatives wrote the Bible?

The Revolt of the Rich.

What happens when you’re $20 above the safety net (hint:  medical debt becomes crippling and your options are fewer)?

What about Creators Day? Give me a break.

About “socialized medicine” – really?  Too bad we don’t have socialized medicine.  They do realize that there are people everyday (by a much larger factor than those in Canada) who self-ration because they can’t afford to get care, right?  Right?

For the record?  Obama is the world’s worst socialist.  No really.  Chuck Norris’ delusional fantasies notwithstanding, Obama is a devoted centrist…capitalist…not a socialist.  I think someone might want to invest in a dictionary.

This bit from the Rude Pundit:

The truth is something so very different and so very messy compared with the neat, white fictions the RNC laid out. The truth is that most people don’t want to start businesses. They want jobs or better lives and if they get it through the government, then at least it’s a fuckin’ paycheck. The truth is that most people won’t ever need a gun, even if they pretend they do. The truth is that this is a messy country, and stories move forward, into a hard-fought and unsure future, even if the GOP is stuck in a flashback to a nation that not only never existed, but could only exist in the most extreme dictatorial state. The RNC portrayed the citizens of the country as being in a locked battle with an evil government, as if the Obama administration was the Assad regime in Syria and they were just meagerly armed rebels, the better to appeal to the knuckle-dragging Tea Party, who were barely mentioned but whose neanderthal gruntings echoed constantly in the speeches. The Democrats, last night, at least, called “Bullshit” on their war.

And finally, this video:

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