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The Hike



I was visiting Bumba Stories today and saw a fantastic photo of a stone cottage set into the hillside.  Piya Singh’s photo alone is worth a look – love the composition and the way the light and shadow play along the edges of the house.  Anyway, it’s part of a weekly series called Friday Fictioneers.  You can read the one over at Bumba Stories or more at Madison Woods’ blog.  There’s a photo prompt and then the call for 100 word short stories.  How cool is that?

 The Hike

It had been a long day hiking up one side of the valley and down the other following the trail under the unseasonably warm light of the springtime sun.  She could see the gentle curve of the river ahead of her, hopeful for a place to rest and listen to the gurgling of water over rock.  Further along and she could just make out a little stone cottage tucked into the hillside.  When the cottage came into full view, she saw movement out of the corner of her eye.  A double take and then surprise.  She could have sworn that she had seen an old woman sitting at a spinning wheel in the shadowy light of the window.  A third glance and the window was empty.  Was she imagining things?  Maybe it was just a trick of the light.  The one thing she knew for certain was that she was going in for a closer look.


17 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. I want a closer look, too.

  2. Very nice. I like the uncertainty of her vision and the possibilities it leaves open.


  3. Sounds like a possible fairy tale situation in the making or a ghost story. I hope she doesn’t find something bad inside after that relaxing start, but you never know!

    • It feels like a fairy tale to me, although there is some uncertainty there. I think I’m going to have to figure out what. :0)

      • I find it interesting that what an author starts out to do sometimes takes on a life or different direction all its own and all you can do is follow.

        • I never really used to understand that, until recently. The way a story really has a life of it’s own and the way it morphs over time.

          • I think writing’s a bit like growing some kinds of plants. You get them growing, then have to prune them along the lines in which they’re growing. It’s the plant’s shape but is still requires your pruning to look its best.

            • I like that. Never thought of it that way but it’s true. And sometimes, no matter how much pruning you do, the growth continues in unexpected ways.

  4. Interesting how places can keep memories of things gone past. Well done and I am number 55 in the list.

  5. No real suspense in the writing. All very matter of fact. And yet I wish she wouldn’t go in for a closer look. Well done!

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