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The “New” Normal


We’re more than a week into our new routine and things are starting to settle into place.  We had a bit of a shake-up of things on Monday when Miss L started 4-year old kindergarten.  I think in another week or so we should be well settled into the new normal.  Both of the “big kids” are having a blast which makes things infinitely easier.  Miss M seems to be enjoying things as well, though the two hours (give or take) of uninterrupted time with mom probably plays a role here.

I’m finding more time (and energy) for other things.  One look at today’s to-do list (Parker House rolls, pumpkin bread, laundry, dishes, YMCA, and eggplant lasagna) is probably a good indicator of my mental health.

I even found time to start redecorating the living room.  In fact, I think you could have judged just how long it had been since I felt in the mood for anything other than the bare minimum by the pictures hanging above the fireplace.  The kids looked a bit like this:

I know what you’re thinking…”Wait a minute, don’t you have three children?”




Of course, the last time I really made dinner (of the tasty, well planned variety) my kids looked like this:

which feels a bit like a distant memory or perhaps someone else’s life.

I decided to take the old pictures down, remove the nails, reuse the big frame for a Jack Vettriano poster my sister bought for me ages ago, move the school-y things around (kitchen and the wall by the kids’ bookshelf), and reclaim a little bit of adult space.

I still don’t care for the early mornings, but I have discovered that I can let the girls sleep until the very last-minute, carry them out to the van pajama clad, and get the kid to school without having to get up too early.  This is a good thing because even when I had to drive thirty minutes to work I hit snooze at least three or four times.

Most importantly, I finally have the mental reserves left over for fun things like our fall plans (Mabon, Mid-Autumn Festival/Harvest Moon), finessing school lunch (see Parker House rolls above), and dreaming up a wall quilt I’m calling Still Life With Crows.

What about you?


2 thoughts on “The “New” Normal

  1. Crows are one of my favorite art images so I can’t wait to see and hear more about the quilt!

    • I’ve sketched things out and am just waiting for payday so that I can pick up a small bit of fabric and get started. I’m hopeful I can capture what I envision in the construction and quilting. We shall see! :0)