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Sunshine in my Sewing Room


I’m almost positive these are from the “Radiant New York Beauties” book by Valori Wells. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in looking at quilts the last cople of months it’s that you can positively wreck a quilt with the quilting. In this case, the quilting adds to the piece so that it’s no longer just fabric, but transforms it to a work of art

Just wonderful!

The Inbox Jaunt

These two quilts were made in 2001 and were modified from a pattern by Valori Wells.  They are made of commercial batiks and a few hand dyes…

If you are interested in making this paper pieced pattern-beware-there are mistakes in the pattern!

Hope you are enjoying sunshine wherever you are on this beautiful Saturday morning!

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2 thoughts on “Sunshine in my Sewing Room

  1. Thank you for your comments about the quilting! I agree-quilting can ruin a quilt! I have two quilts that I ruined that way… In both cases, I was trying a long arm-where I didn’t have a full view to see that I was going wrong until after the quilt was off of the frame.

    • You’re welcome! :0) The quilting part always freaks me out a little bit. I have a piece that I’m going to have someone else quilt, but I have to come up with the design and I’m a bit afraid of it.