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This is Why I Don’t Complete Surveys as a General Rule

We made a big purchase recently and if there’s one thing that can be said about the company that made it, it’s that they never met a survey they didn’t like.  I’ve played along generally.  JD Power and Associates sent us a quick little survey and paid us with a crisp $1 bill.  Short little email ones are no problem.

The most recent one, though?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  It’s from Maritz Research in Toledo, Ohio and it’s a sizable thing at nine (!) pages.  They’re asking all sorts of questions about our purchase including things I literally have no idea how to answer.  It’s clear they realize how hefty the thing is given the little piece of paper stapled in at the half-way point that says “Your Opinion Counts!  Please Proceed…”  And they want us to know, in bold letters, that in exchange for filling it out (as soon as possible), we’ll be entered for a chance to win “one of eight cash prizes.”

Uh, yeah.

Mr. Survey?  Meet Mr. Trashcan.

It seems like everyone does these things lately:  Target, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc, etc, etc.  With the exception of Starbucks (got a free cup of coffee with that one), they’re all offering a chance to win something.  It’s like Publisher’s Clearing House took over the receipt printers.

Note to retailers:  I’m not filling out your survey if all you’re offering is a chance to win some big cash prize.  Believe it or not, my time is worth more than that.


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