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What’s for Dinner?


I’m in a dinner rut and I need to shake things up. So, dear reader, what do you eat for dinner?


7 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Hmm, tonight we’re grilling a pork loin. Tomorrow I think it’s enchilada casserole. Otherwise I haven’t planned the week’s menu yet.

  2. I typically make some variety of veggie stir-fry, curry, veggie chili, and so on as my go to meals. Tonight I’m baking an acorn squash and making sage dressing, cranberry & walnut quinoa and spiced pears. Last night I went to a friend’s and had a great green curry with butternut squash and tofu. I’ve felt like I was a rut and then decided to get into autumn themed cooking for right now.

    • That sounds very tasty! My rut tends to be things like spaghetti (though I do spice it up with my very own seasoning blend and it’s quite tasty), tacos, soup and sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs and mac, etc. I doubt my family minds, but I don’t think I can take too many rounds through the rotation. Going for the autumn themed stuff does sound like a good way to get out onto greener pastures.

      We’re celebrating the Equinox with a harvest dinner on Monday so I had come up with a recipe for stuffed acorn squash so great minds must think alike. Would you be willing to share your recipes for the meal?

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