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Thursday Afternoon Craft Report


You’ll have to pardon the picture just a bit.  It’s cloudy. And raining.  I was going to take this puppy outside and hang it on the clothesline to take a picture of it, but the weather did not cooperate with my timing owing to the dryer full of laundry that I had to get out before it became permanently wrinkled.

I loved this when I was piecing it together up on the wall.  Loved the first row once I had it all sewn together.  From there it was all downhill.  There’s one mistake in the third row that I didn’t realize was there until I had already gotten it all sewn together which I decided to leave and square up the edges instead.

But I hate it.

It’s too…busy.  It feels garish.  Looking at it in pictures, it hurts my eyes.

I know what it needs – more grey, just plain ‘ole Kona Coal in big blocks with the patterns as an accent.  It needs negative space so that you can rest your eyes somewhere when looking at it.

So the question becomes, do I take it apart with my trusty (albeit dusty) seam ripper?  Or should I be brave, break out Rayna Gillman’s book for inspiration and hack at it?  I’m leaning more towards cutting it up into 1 1/2″ wide strips just as it is and then re-piecing around big grey squares – say 6″ or maybe even 12″.

Looking at this post now it seems like I didn’t get much done this week.  One little quilt only comes out to a couple of days worth of work (or one evening plus a few afternoon hours).  I spent more time reading during my “free time” this week rather than sewing which is probably even more true after I got the quilt together and decided I hated it.  I thought some time away might help the quilt grow on me.  In reality, I hate it more now than I did before.  *sigh*

What have you been creating this week?


11 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon Craft Report

  1. I think it’s beautiful! You could always cut it up for placemats or pillows.

    I’ve been machine quilting a lap quilt on a conventional sewing machine and shopping at fabric stores. 🙂

    • Sadly, placemats mostly sit and gather dust in my house. I put some on the table for our Autumn Equinox dinner wondering a little why I don’t do so more often and now I know why. Whatever it becomes, I know it absolutely needs a huge dose of solid color in order to work.

      It sounds like you’ve been having fun! :0)

  2. Will you be posting a Thursday afternoon craft report on a regular basis? Perhaps you could turn this into a place for us to post our projects as well.

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  4. I just made a quilt top out of the same fabric in a jelly roll and had the same misgivings. It looked way too busy to me. I’ll e-mail you a photo of the quilt if you like, just e-mail me. I had thought the fabric was modern (maybe too modern for me!) and different. Some quilts you love, others not so much – but, it’s hard to not like/love your work.

    • I would absolutely agree with the “too busy” part. While I like the fabrics, I don’t think it’s a well balanced charm pack. If I’m going to do it then I need to love it. While I don’t think I can say that I love everything I’ve made, this isn’t the first quilt I hacked into and made something new out of. I figure if it’s worth finishing then I at least have to like it and I didn’t even like what I had. I’m sort of leaning into a more improvisational aesthetic even if what I have is still too “just so.” THanks for stopping by!

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