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Worst Prophets…Ever!


Back in 2008, Focus on the Family published a letter that was supposed to be from the future.  And by the future, they meant October 2012.  Which means, uh, now.

How did they do on prognosticating the future?  Libby Anne has the details.

Hint:  Not well.

By the way…what’s the punishment for false prophets in the Bible, again?  If they claim to take the Bible literally, then doesn’t Matthew 7:15-23 or Matthew 24 speak somewhat applicably in this case?  No?

Focus on the Family – the boys who cried “wolf!”


2 thoughts on “Worst Prophets…Ever!

  1. Wow. That original letter was very, very hard to read. I’m so glad the internet broadcasts this BS and exposes it for what it is.

    • I agree. I remember reading it back in 2008 and wondering just how unhinged one could become. Now I know, that it could all get a great deal worse than I could have imagined. For me, the letter was the first shot over the crazy boat.