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Three Things for Today


1 – The book I got from Paperback Swap arrived today and stinks like cigarette smoke.  Lovely.  By the time I get the smell out of the book I’ll already be finished with the copy I got from the library which sort of defeats the purpose of buying it.  Yes it only cost me $2.25 and it is a hardcover, but that’s what requestor conditions are for people!

2 –  Who am I making dinner for, dearest child?  Chang-o who lives on the moon, of course.  Who else would I be making dinner for?

3 – Somewhere along the way I fell out of fashion.  No seriously, the stuff they sell at the places I can shop is h  i  d  e  o  u  s.  Colored jeans?  Ugh.  Skinny jeans?  Not since I flat-rolled the bottom cuff of my jeans have I been interested the style.  This was one trend that I was glad to see go along with the bangs teased up a foot above one’s head.  What is it with shirts that require one wear sunglasses in order to not be blinded by colors or patterns?  Is there no one out there making timeless classics for women of all shapes and sizes?  You know, stuff that I can wear for more than one season and not look back on the pictures wondering what on earth I was thinking by wearing them?  No?

Today’s lesson, even if I can find something I don’t hate, it’ll likely cost a small fortune.  This is why mama hates shopping.


2 thoughts on “Three Things for Today

  1. I’m right there with ya on the fashion stuff.