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Who’s Your Tommy?


I grew up in Wisconsin.  Born here.  Raised here.  Only ever wanted to live here.

When I was in school, Tommy Thompson was governor.  I have these memories of the guy being somewhat stately, mild-mannered, moderate.  I’ll fully admit that, given I was a kid (more or less) when he was governor, that my youthful ignorance may color my memories of him, but not that much.

This guy?  I have no idea who he is, but he’s not Tommy in any form that I recognize and it’s not just because he has a head of grey hair.  Granted, there was that one time that he was probably drunk, but aside from that he seemed so normal.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s ill.  Delusional?  Crazy?  Suffering from dementia?

Seriously, Tommy, what happened to you?


5 thoughts on “Who’s Your Tommy?

  1. I would guess (just a guess mind you) that he was caught with his hair down while when he was a governor he was always ON. It’s all a show you know? Nice to meet you! (oh and have you seen that Rowling’s new adult book is out?) -Danette from There’s a Place on Nablowrimo- I don’t put this site on there.

    • It is a show – though as Linda points own in the next comment, my memories of him are clouded by youth. It is nice to “meet” you. I did see that Rowling had a new book out, but haven’t looked it over yet. I have to admit, I’m a little afraid that I might not like it. Could I like something written by JK Rowling that isn’t HP? Is that like type casting an actor? Have you read it?

  2. You WERE too young to realize he put on a good show. He was not a dreadful gov or really bad person but he definitely was not the same person we are seeing today.

    • I figured youth clouded my memories a bit, but it’s nice to know that he was at least semi-normal and that the he that he is today is a new development. Not reassuring if the guy gets elected (ugh!) – we can really only handle one ultra-conservative crank as our senator. We don’t need two.

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