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Three Things for Today


  1. Back in August I wimped out of Camp Nano.  I promised myself that I would spend the months between August and November working my way through the writer’s workbook so that I would be better prepared for November.  Honestly?  I didn’t pick the thing up until today and when it did, it was like wearing someone else’s shoes.  I’m beginning to think I should have just sucked it up and written the thing in August.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to work my way back to feeling at home in it.
  2. The husband has, at one time or another, said that he thought maybe he’d like to write a book.  He mentioned it again this morning and I suggested that he go for it!  I gave him the NaNoWriMo website and suggested he sign up.  Between you and me, he’s got a great story idea.  I like his better than mine.
  3. They paved our street today.  It was exciting for the kidlets and messed up the after school pick-up routine.  In spite of this there’s chicken noodle soup for dinner with homemade biscuits.  I’m hoping for leftovers for lunch tomorrow, but to be frank, that’s not likely.

4 thoughts on “Three Things for Today

  1. NaNo is nothing to sneeze at; it’s hard! This will be my fourth or fifth year going for it, and every year I feel like I spend Dec-Nov in recovery. This year, I’m writing 5,000 word short stories for an anthology instead of a single idea novel, that way there’s more flexibility, and if an idea is a dud, I only lose a couple days’ worth of work instead of a couple of weeks. Maybe you could try something similar, to challenge yourself in a way that’s not going to break your creative spirit.

    • I can imagine! I have thought about being a NaNo Rebel and writing something other than a piece of fiction – maybe memoir-ish? The short stories idea sounds like another great option!

  2. I have NaNo for the past few years, but last year was the first I finished. I’ve written novel length manuscripts previous to NaNo, but there’s something about the deadline that really works for me.

    • I think a deadline would be helpful for me (obviously) – or rather, maybe a deadline that has a bit more structure to it. Congratulations on being a NaNo winner last year. So cool!