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Pondering Today


I’ve made each of my children a scarf, except the youngest. Last weekend she became aware of this fact for the very first time. Why hadn’t I made her a “darf” (she’s not quite 3)? Yesterday, we made a trip to the yarn store together, just like I had with my other two, so that she could pick out her yarn.

The lady who owns the yarn store had these really great cat eye glasses, black frames with jewels on the corners which now has me thinking – glasses or contacts?


14 thoughts on “Pondering Today

  1. Oooh cat eyes, reminds me of my first pair. Cool cat! I vote glasses. šŸ™‚

  2. A little of both. I like to be able to change up my eyeball situation as the mood strikes.

    • Right now I have both. Or rather, I have the set of contacts in my eyes that I’ve worn too long and a pair of glasses that I got several years ago. I agree, though, it’s nice to have options. Unfortunately, I never have enough money in the budget for both. :0)

  3. I sort of lucked out last year when my hubby switched jobs. I had just gotten my glasses with our old insurance plan and a week later was able to get a new pair of glasses on the new insurance plan. I like cat eye glasses, I say go for those!

    • The same thing happened to me when I got my glasses a few years ago. Before that I was wearing the same pair that my parents had bought me a loooooong time ago. Thankfully not as ugly as the very first pair of glasses I ever had. Please, please, please don’t ever let them be in style again!