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Saturday Confessions


* It’s raining and I don’t have it in me to entertain the children.  I used my television as a babysitter for all two hours of blissful peace and quiet.

* I considered dumping some cereal in a big mixing bowl, pouring in some milk, putting it in the middle of the table, passing out three spoons and calling it dinner.

* Tonight, for what was the second or third time this week, all I wanted to do was pack up the kids (PJs or not), put them in their car seat/booster seat, get coffee from Starbucks, and drive around until they all fell asleep.  Does that still work as well now as it did when they were babies?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Confessions

  1. Nothing wrong with an in house babysitter. Cereal sounds good to me. Yea for starb…s. Go for it.

  2. Don’t know if it will work or not. How old are they now? Don’t matter, why not, give it a try! 🙂

    • It didn’t end up working all that well. The youngest did fall asleep, but the middle one had a heck of a time not talking the entire way. There were just to many amazing things she had to comment on. By the time I got them home, however, they were all rather relaxed so it was an easy bedtime for sure.

  3. LOL!! Oh Well….. it kinda worked out in the end. 🙂