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Krishna Das – Devi Puja

By far my favorite Kirtan chant (aside from Om, Gan, Ganapati) is Krishna Das’ Devi Puja.  Devi:  the Divine Mother loving, sheltering, soothing, and comforting.  Mother – one who nourishes new life from within herself before giving birth and nourishing from without with her own milk.  The warm embrace, the thoughtful concern, and the worrying mindfulness of one who cares deeply.  In the Hindu pantheon her other manifestation is Durga the fierce warrior and slayer of demons.

When my children are sick, depending on just what that means, I’m not known for my overflowing sympathy.  I am a…uh…squeamish person.  My flight response kicks in and I’d rather be running down the street.  I’ll gladly cuddle and soothe them after they’ve had a bath and are calmly resting.  Aside from that…it’s tough.  So, I could use some of the Divine Mother right now as I wash a few loads of laundry and, goddess willing, not need to clean anything….uh, else up tonight.

At the very least, this helps me ground and center and maybe, just maybe, some of the Divine Mother will manifest and override my less than generous instincts.


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