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Ten Things for Today

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Things for today:

  1. Bleach wipes, vinegar, ginger ale, and crackers.
  2. Saw a car in the parking lot at the grocery store that not only had a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on the back, it also had Paul Ryan’s picture on it.  I can’t imagine someone I’d be less interested in having a picture of on the back of my vehicle.  No, scratch that, I can.
  3. The best thing I read today and the best thing I’ve read about Mitt Romney, EVER!
  4. Birth control, contraception, family planning, Planned Parenthood – these are all things that matter.  They’re important to families and it’s not hypothetical.  It has everything to do with a family’s economic situation.  Only Christian Dominionists want to keep reproducing past the point that they can afford it.  The rest of us?  Yeah, kind of important.
  5. Is there such a thing as “binders full of women?”  I’d totally be interested in that.  Are we talking a new species here?  Can I specify exactly what kind I’m looking for.  For instance, I’d be interested in a binder that included a housekeeper and a nanny.
  6. About Paul Ryan and small businesses
  7. Tommy Thompson?  Really?  This is getting a little embarrassing.
  8. College drop-out Governor’s math.
  9. I’ve decided to call my brother-in-law the patron saint of mechanical things.  In the midst of all the laundry I had to do, my washer quit working.  I tried all sorts of things to no avail.  I called my brother-in-law while standing in front of the washing machine and miraculously it works!  Truth?  Nothing but a coincidence, but it makes me feel better.

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