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The Tail End


I was surprised the other day when I looked up at Grandmother Maple’s branches and found them mostly bare. The rain and wind this week certainly expedited the process. The husband cleaned up most of the leaves in the yard a couple of weeks ago, but you’d never know that looking out there today. My dad says you shouldn’t leave all those leaves there because it will kill the grass, but if I had my choice I’d probably leave things the way they are for a couple of weeks because it’s just so pretty!

There are moments in my life when I can feel the wheel of the year turning. This time of year is at the top of that list. Maybe it’s the introspective nature of fall and winter or maybe it’s just the leaves, either way it’s hard to forget the cycle of death and rebirth we call home.

Today is also Mr. J’s last soccer game of the fall season. It dawned on my the other day when I saw the bag of soccer balls in the back of the van (the husband sort of became the assistant coach) that I’ve finally arrived. I’m now a soccer mom to go along with my minivan. The kid really likes soccer so I’m sure this is the first of many seasons.

I thought I’d cap off the tail end of one season with a few pictures from the yard I took yesterday. Call me crazy, but I like taking pictures on rainy fall days the best.


2 thoughts on “The Tail End

  1. Those pictures are quite lovely.