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Tonight’s Thing – Finished my Book


I’ve been working my way through S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse series. It’s been a bit of a struggle because there’s someone else reading through the series ahead of me at the library, but just by one book and while they read pretty quickly, they don’t read fast enough to stay easily ahead of me and I’m not fast enough to get ahead of them. So, I’m stuck waiting.

Yes, yes, I should be more patient. I just finished “The High King of Montival” which leaves just two more books that have been written plus one more that won’t likely be released until next year.

Yup, impatient.


6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Thing – Finished my Book

  1. I hate waiting for the next one in a series. I’m glad Tolkein was done with TLoTR before I started reading them! 😉 Thanks for dropping by! Cheers, Danette of There’s a Place I Dream about.

    • Tolkien released all three volumes at once. In fact, he was much opposed to dividing the work into three tomes. he wanted them all in one huge volume.

      • Interesting! There have been a few discussions about SM Stirling’s books in this series and whether or not they would have been released in fewer volumes had they been published way back when. I suppose an author has only just so much say over how the publisher releases things.

    • That’s what I loved about reading through the Harry Potter series. They had all been out for several years (and I believe all but the last movie had already been in theaters) so I could read my way through all of the books one right after the other. I thought I was safe with the Emberverse series – I really didn’t think someone else would be reading them at the same time, though, and the library system only has one copy of each book.

      Funny thing…there is a set of characters in the Emberverse series that model their particular group off of TLoTR. Astrid Larssen calls them “the Histories.”

  2. I understand your frustration and this is why I won’t ever have a Kindle. I wouldn’t be able to resisist the instant gratification of getting the book I want NOW. Hey you!

    • For me it isn’t so much the instant gratification, but the wonky way that Amazon’s format (and other ebook formats) present things. The fact that the cost of an ebook is really not that much less than the paper version is also a big negative for me. In the end though…it’s just not the same. Long live the paper book! :0)

      I gave in and went to the local Book World to see if they had the Mass Market Paperback…and they did. It’s not any cheaper than what you can get it on Amazon and I had it today. I’m going to rationalize the purchase by telling myself I’m supporting a local business. Heh, why not.