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Not a Bad Day

  • Today was our very first parent teacher conference.  I was looking forward to getting an idea for how well Mr. J is fitting into the classroom culture.  According to a certain person, this is something homeschoolers take years to catch up.  Well, neener, neener, neener and thbbbt!  He’s doing fine.  The teacher says he’s a joy to have in the classroom and fits right in.  He had a few problems in the first couple of weeks, but you’d never know that now.  He’s reading well above grade level, loves writer’s workshop (used to fight him tooth and nail about this), doing great at math, and is a great kid to have during reading group.  Analytical.  A bit of a perfectionist.  We’re so pleased with how well things are going and as an added bonus, Mr. J is incredibly proud of himself.  Way to go kiddo!
  • Warm weather, cuddles from the youngest while she slept with her head in my lap, and a great book made for a very pleasant afternoon even if the husband slept through it himself.
  • Mod quilt guild meeting and dinner with my mom.  Lots of fun and a great deal cheaper than last time!



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