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Work in Progress Wednesday


We’re speeding our way through October and with only a few days left until Halloween I’m freaking out a little.  I not only need to remake Halloween costumes, but I also need to plan Samhain dinner.  Oh, and did I mention the puppy’s coming home shortly after?  Projects are being put on hold, my friends.

When last we left my most recent quilting project (aside from the crows and I still haven’t planned the quilting on that one), I had decided that I hated it.  In the interests of showing the tiniest bit of restraint, I was going to sleep on things and see if another day or two translated into latent appreciation for match-y seams and pattern-y overload.

I did make it a couple of days before I wasn’t able to help myself any longer.  In other words, I got out my rotary cutter and did what I do best:  cut it up.

A little solid color (ok, maybe a lot of solid color), a lot of random cuts and re-piecing and I think it’s better already.  I don’t know that it’s quite right as it is.  I’m thinking about cutting a diagonal in there and then maybe inserting a tiny sliver of fabric.  I’m still not quite sure where I will end up, but I plan on cutting and re-piecing until I run out of fabric or until it’s done…whichever comes first.  I had hoped to get it finished before the next quilt guild meeting, but that obviously hasn’t happened.  Then, I had plans on getting back to it once everyone was healthy again and “darf” and hat duty was complete, but I remembered another teeny, tiny, time sensitive little project.

I had originally made these Halloween costumes for my oldest two last year.  I made them very simply because I figured they wouldn’t be wearing them more than one night and going all out for a Halloween costume seemed a bit silly.  Pinking shears, and a few quick seams and I was finished.  I didn’t anticipate that the prince and princess capes would get so much use nor that the husband would put Mr. J’s wool felt crown in the washing machine.  On hot.

Both of the kids would like to wear the same costumes again so I’m taking seams out, trimming things up, and recreating with longevity in mind.  All raw edges will be enclosed and new crowns with a Peltex core are being created.  I have a split deadline since Mr. J needs his this Saturday for a birthday party.  I’m within shouting distance of finishing his up which hopefully means Miss L’s will be done shortly after leaving more time for all of the other things I should get done.


10 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. I believe you have made wonderful progress on your evolving quilt. Finished or not I think the ladies at quilt guild would enjoy seeing your progress. Who knows, you might even obsorb a bit of inspiration from them. I will be looking for it tomorrow night.

    If you are in need of assistance with the much anticipated costumes just give me a call. I’m available, able and willing.

    BTW, welcome to WIP! It’s about time you showed up!!!

    • Thanks on all accounts! :0) I’m still keeping the costumes pretty simple so I think I should be able to knock them out in plenty of time. I just need to figure out what clothes Mr. J is going to wear with the pieces of his costume.

  2. Good luck on all of your projects!

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