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A Pennsylvania House bill seeks to limit the amount of food stamp assistance that low-income women receive based on the amount of children they give birth to while covered under the program.

Ok, let me see if I get this straight.  You threw a royal fit about birth control being classified as one of the items covered for women under the annual wellness benefit for insurance policies and most of you are against abortion for just about any reason because of…teh baybeeeeeez, but you’re against feeding these babies and children.  Uh….

Despite the fact that low-income women who give birth to children would logically need increased assistance to care for their larger family, Pennsylvania lawmakers — State Reps. RoseMarie Swanger (R), Tom Caltagirone (D), Mark Gillen (R), Keith Gillespie (R), Adam Harris (R), and Mike Tobash (R) — don’t want their state’s food stamp program to provide additional benefits for that newborn. If a woman gives birth to a child who was conceived from rape, she may seek an exception to this rule so that her food stamp benefits aren’t slashed, but only if she can provide proof that she reported her sexual assault and her abuser’s identity to the police:

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Forget it, the title says it all.  First Draft is far more eloquent here as is the original posting.


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