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Fresh Squeezed Fabrics – Build Your Own Bundle Competition


I love fabric.  This is not surprising, is it?  I suspect anyone who sews likes fabric.  For me it’s a bit like looking at pretty pictures – except you can do something with them other than hang them on your wall or flip through the pages of a book.  It’s an entire package of sensory expression – color, texture, and the yummy smell of some of my favorite fabric stores.

There aren’t too many modern fabric stores in my area so shopping online is pretty much the only way I can gather inspiration.  I’ve spent many an hour looking through online fabric stores – one of which just happens to be having a competition hosted over at Blossom  Heart QuiltsFresh Squeezed Fabrics.  You know me…I love a challenge so let’s get started!

I thought the most logical place to start was with an inspiration fabric to set the theme.  The first one that caught my eye – Baked Goods in Bright from Everything is Nice.

Then what?  Time to start pulling out key colors and finding shapes or textures that echo these themes without overpowering the inspiration fabric or making the overall collection too busy (because I’ve learned that lesson already).

At first I got caught up in a fabric called “Junk Drawer” which I thought was kind of fun in an ironic sort of way.  Who doesn’t have a junk drawer in their kitchen?  There was also the question of which solid to use.  Kona makes some fantastic solids (obviously), but then there’s Quilter’s Linen which gives a hint of texture.

The first five must haves were actually pretty easy to select.  Picking the remaining three was a the time consuming part.

 Polka dots and squares seems kitchen-esque.  That bottom left one reminds me of a tiled kitchen backsplash and I like it, but maybe not in this collection.

My third…or seventh(?) attempt. At this point I’ve lost count and I know I didn’t save them all.  If the last one was too busy, this one is too plain.  There is a bit of grey in the main inspiration fabric and the utensil fabric from the same collection that I thought might be fun to pull out and ground things a bit.  I love the haystack fabrics because they remind me of a mid-century modern kitchen which seems appropriate, but then this collection as a whole feels too heavy.  On a related, but totally off topic note, one of these days I’m taking my mid-century house out of the 1990s and back into the mid-century.

Moving on.

Then I asked what some of my loved ones thought and things started getting really confusing.  Should I just go with my gut and pick the one I originally went with or something new?  Still love the grey and the more retro feeling I get from both haystack prints, but then the other one’s lovely as well and it’s very cheery. One or two? One or two?

Or three?  Or four?  Now we’re just counting and that could go on for a while.  Am I driving you nuts yet?  The husband sometimes has to rescue me from my indecision.  You would do the same thing if you were in his shoes, standing in the aisle at Target while I tried to decide between six equally acceptable microwaves.  For twenty minutes.  While your kids climbed up the shelves like they were scaling a mountain.  Ok, maybe not that bad.

You know what?  Why don’t you watch some Friends while I try to make my final decision.

Are you ready?  It’s this one right here –

I think it feels like baking cookies with the kids in a retro kitchen with the sun shining through the kitchen window.  A quilt.  A quirky apron.  Some curtains.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m calling it “Baking Day” and it’s my entry – so exciting!

What about you? Want to create your own creation?  Head on over to Blossom Heart Quilts!

Can you believe it?  Day #26 of NaBloWriMo.  At this point it’s all over but the shouting.  Happy Friday, dear reader, and enjoy the tail end of this crazy October!

4 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed Fabrics – Build Your Own Bundle Competition

  1. LOL! It can be hard to choose, hey?! I love the Madrona Road prints – so versatile! Good luck!

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