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I have a problem with this

This deserves to go to the farthest reaches of the internet.

And for the record, I’m totally stealing the abortion should be “safe, legal, and none-of-your-damned-business” part.

White Coat Underground: Homefront Edition

New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff is a good guy. His writings against injustice and genocide are a rare voice in Old Media. He has his oddities, though. He suffers from a conspiracy-minded “chemophobia” where the word “chemical” is so misused as to become meaningless. Still, his heart is in the right place, and that’s something.

Today’s column though is troublesome in another way. While decrying the “insensitive words” of Republicans about rape, he thinks we need to look at a bigger picture:

But our political system jumps all over verbal stupidity, while giving a pass to stupid policies.

He’s got this one wrong. The evil here isn’t words or policy; it’s culture. The biologically-ignorant, victim-blaming words of our officials have the same root as the policies that keep rape evidence kits sitting in evidence lockers, degrading by the day. It’s a culture that assumes that rape, abortion, and…

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