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Post-Election Link Round Up

Occasionally, I post a link round up of the most interesting posts to cross the screen of my RSS reader app.  Seeing as it’s post-election Wednesday, why not, right?

Paul Ryan – Biggest Loser:  I’m not saying I disagree with Badger Democracy completely, but I’d be a great deal more likely to agree if Ryan had lost his re-election bid for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.  Still, Zerban was the first real competitive challenger and he won Kenosha County, Rock County, and Janesville.  So much for his “hometown boy” image.  Darn you Waukesha County!  Like Joe Knilans, we are not friends.  Now, if he had lost both the VP and his re-election bid, I may very well have danced naked down the street.  Or not.  Probably not, but I would have been very happy.

Obama Voters More Likely to Encounter Trouble at the Polls:  It’s not a coincidence.  It’s not a surprise.  It’s by design and it’s a damn shame.  From the article:

This isn’t just a problem of logistics: It’s a moral issue. When someone has to step out of a voting line because they can’t afford to take three or four hourse [sic] off of work just to go vote, they are being disenfranchised. The election may be over, but this is a problem that still needs to be solved.

A Post-Christian Election? A Vision of the Future:  I agree that we’re not there yet, but I’m thankful for any glimpses of the beginning of a post-Christian election and a post-Christian privilege society.  Bring on the diversity, the equality, and the respect for a wide range of beliefs.  Bring it on.

The Lady Parts Election: Hands down the best title to a blog post I read all day.  All day.  As Edroso puts it:

I always knew this issue was a winner for the Democrats, but now I’m beginning to think that it affected everything else as well. That is, Romney’s crackpot economic and environmental policies might have had more traction with voters if so many of them were not convinced that he represented and was listening to a bunch of lunatics who were totally out of touch with how human beings live. In tough times, you might go for a small-government reformer who says he has a plan to turn things around if you trust him. Americans have bought bigger grifters than Romney; a lot of them haven’t even figured that the nice old man who unleashed the markets in the 1980s set them up for the hard times we have now.

Yes he did (again):  It wouldn’t have mattered how many electoral votes Obama had received nor that he

easily surpassed George W. Bush’s two victories — and Republicans had no problem saying he had a mandate — and is now the most successful Democratic presidential candidate since FDR (Clinton won twice, but came up short of popular-vote majorities both times).

Haters gonna hate which I guess still applies to Republicans.

Out of touch rich guy and no, I didn’t vote against my own self-interest:  Sorry random quoted Republicans and freaky fundagelicals, I didn’t vote against my own self-interest and I really did know what I was doing.  I have a college degree and can read.  Fancy that.  I’ll never understand the idea that we can build a successful civilization if everyone focuses on their own “self-interest.”  Seriously, feel free to go Galt anytime.  No really, you can go.  Just remember, most of the nice places to live around the world already have socialized health care and the sorts of high taxes and safety nets that y’all love to complain about.  I hear Somalia manages to avoid those sorts of “odious” features of civilization.  Maybe you might be happier there?

And these last two?  Not in my RSS reader, but still loving them not quite 24-hours later.

Rock County had 87% percent of registered voters vote.  Oh, and Representative Knilans got trounced.  Creamed.  Sent packing.  Hmmm….let’s see here.  Party politics or listening to your district?  Party?  District?  Party?  District?  Tell me again Joe, which one do you think would have seen you re-elected?  Congratulations Deb Kolste on your win!  It was an honor to vote for you.

-Tammy Baldwin bests Tommy Thompson.  Thank the goddess and all the deities!  Seriously.  Tammy winning is monumental all in its own right (first openly gay senator, a woman, a progressive, a strong champion of people who actually work for a living), but she sent Tommy out to the retirement fields and really, that in and of itself is a huge relief.  Tommy, did you have to go all un-hinged?

I’m going to focus on the positive for at least another day, which is really all anyone can do.  Wisconsin’s government is back in control of the Republicans and that’s enough to give this Wisconsinite heart burn of the worst sort.


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