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Work in Progress Wednesday – First week in November


Wednesday, ya hey?

I’ve got a veritable cornucopia of things in progress to share with you this week. Some old. Some new. Some really old.

This first one was really easy. Easy as in I didn’t make it. The husband’s grandmother made it for him a long time ago. She was big on the piecing, but not so much on the finishing. This is one of several tops that she made for relatives. It sat in a storage bin for as long as I’ve been married to the husband and probably a number of years before that – in one bin and then another as we rearranged things in the basement. The last bin the top made its home in was, oddly enough, the bottom of the one holding the Halloween costumes. Maybe you can see where this is going?

The husband brought it out and asked me if I thought my mom could finish it for us. Easy answer, yes, but we need a few more pieces before we can turn it over to the quilter, dear. The husband sent me in to the fabric store to do the picking and I tried to see if I could match a solid with the existing blue and while there were many blues, there weren’t any that matched. Or at least not that I could tell. I could really use a class on color theory.

Then I considered a print and I came up with a few choices, but I still wasn’t sure. It’s the husband’s quilt – what would he like? I was able to coax him in to the fabric store and suggested that he pick from one of my choices or one of his own. After discussing things with the person in my life who remains to this day my go-to fabric matching resource, we decided to go the complimentary, but not matching route. In other words, dear husband, pick out something you like and we won’t worry about matching (Extra bonus? The quilt will be reversible.).

My quilter also offered to sew together the backing fabric down the middle (we’re talking queen size here) and gave me the math to figure out how much fabric I needed for the binding. Would you believe she, knowing how much I hate hand sewing, offered to do the binding for me as well? We organized this all during our family Samhain holiday which seemed a fitting way to honor the husband’s ancestor, though she’s been gone a few years now and it’s a shame she won’t get to see it finished.

Here’s a close up of the bow tie detail. I suspect that it’s a scrap quilt given the wide variety of fabrics and colors. I don’t care for any of them individually, but I think the effect over all is quite nice. It’s got great lines and I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s all finished. The quilter and I are conferencing on that presently. You’ll have to watch her website as I’m sure it will pop up on a future WiP post.

Darn you dreary basement lighting!

When we last left this quilt, I was thinking about leaving part of it out. Linda encouraged me to keep the bit in. The last piece felt a bit forced and over worked. It didn’t feel like it would fit. Having long since decided that I wouldn’t let a mistake slow me down, I did what any reasonable person would do: cut it apart some more. Ok, maybe that’s not what a reasonable person would do, but it’s what I would do. So I cut it and re-pieced it and gave up trying to match the upper panel. Actually, that was the hardest part. I had to mourn my inability to recreate the very improvisational top panel. The really was there was no way I would have been able to replicate it.

I’m loving where I’m heading, though. I’m going to add in some panels of Kona Coal on all four sides in order to arrive at a finished size of around 40″x 78″ – a lap quilt.

Basement again.

It’s cold outside so I’m thinking of reviving an old project. I bought a box of scrap fleece a loooong time ago. I’ll admit that it seems odd to purchase a box of scrap fleece from a stranger online and I can’t quite explain why I did. The price was right? I’m always cold? Who couldn’t use more fleece in their life? The plan is to make a nine-patch with the seam allowances on the front side (because then you can’t see where my points don’t match) and stitched together into some sort of large throw. I think it’s been three (?) years since I last did any work on this.

Still on deck – Batik Squares. We’ll just say permanently stalled for that one. I’ll get back there eventually. Did I mention the new puppy? I think it might be about the fourth of never or maybe next year.

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9 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday – First week in November

  1. Grammy’s quilt looks so nice in your picture. It’s really cool to see it from a distance. The photo gives it a whole different perspective.

    Great progress on your “shattered” quilt. It’s really coming along.

    Your fleece quilt sounds like it will be very warm and toasty.

    Very nice post.

    • Thanks! The husband towards the end was helping to hold it down, but I thought it gave a better picture when the wind caught it because I could get the whole quilt in one shot. I’m hoping the fleece will be warm and toasty.

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  3. love the bow tie quilt…great variety of color. I love the colors in the shattered quilt, but not sure what I am looking at….lol. It’s just me; I have to see more to visualize it. Great work!

    • I totally blame it on basement lighting. It reminds me a bit of the cracks on a broken window or the pieces you get when glass is shattered. Thank you, though and thanks for stopping by!

  4. love your projects! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday

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