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It’s WiP Wednesday!


When we last left the studio, I was pondering what I would do next with a lap quilt I like to call “Shattered.”  By way of reminder, it started out like this, then like this, and then looked like this.  By Halloween the rotary cutter made a huge appearance so that it looked something like this which ended up where we were last week.  So…this week…

Overall, not too shabby. The panel alone was too small to be a lap quilt so I had decided to add some solid panels in order to size it up a bit. I’m still envisioning one across the top and bottom just to carry the same flow.

Bottom and top panels respectively.  Overall, I think it’s quite nice.  I know I’ll love it more once the top and bottom panels are sewn on.  However, there’s a slight issue.

Can you see it?  JoAnn’s labeled both of these fabrics as “Coal.”  Same brand and all, the only difference is I purchased them at different times.  Of course, if I had known where I was going when I started, I would have purchased enough fabric the first time.  I can only assume that it’s an issue of dye lots because I have a third yard of the same solid grey which was also labeled “Coal” that I bought the other weekend and it’s also slightly different.  Although, at least in that case it’s more like the one on the right than the one on the left.  My other option would be to take the grey off and go a completely different route with something like black, but I really had my heart set on grey.

This one’s no longer in progress.  I was calling it “Still Life with Crows,” but maybe it should be “Bird on a Wire.”  In any case, I got this back from the quilter earlier this week.  I’m afraid my quilting repertoire is fairly limited and I really wanted it to turn out so I went the tried and true method – outsourcing.

I did the facing myself, though, which of course didn’t quite turn out as well as I would have liked.  I adjusted the mitered corners twice and thought I had followed the directions perfectly, but when I pulled them over to the back it was clear that they still weren’t quite right.  I elected to go the, just fold things over and hand stitch them down.  In spite of all that I do love the overall effect that the edge to edge quilt and rounded corners give to this particular piece.  I still feel like it’s a bit off from my vision, but I had a hard time planning the quilting.  I could see it, but I couldn’t get it out on paper and I couldn’t have explained it in words to anyone.  That’s ok, maybe in this case, maybe simple really is better.

Another long term project that got a boost from the sewing afternoon my Mom and I had last week.  I was planning on putting on a smaller black border with mitered corners, but then I got to thinking about how I was going to finish the quilt and now I’m not so sure.  If I put binding on it then how big should the borders be?

In the meantime, what’s not to love?

Just as another week has come and gone so has another WiP Wednesday.  Don’t forget to head on over to Freshly Pieced to see what else is “in progress” today.

20 thoughts on “It’s WiP Wednesday!

  1. I’m a fan of all of your WIPs. As for the Coal not matching between lots. I would have never noticed if you didn’t close up and point it out. When you quilt it make sure you pick thread that will hide the difference opposed to high lighting it. I’m not a big fan for variegated, but it might work.

    • Thank you! :0)

      I suspect the difference is less noticeable outside and/or from a distance so I suspect you’re right that most folks wouldn’t notice the difference. I ended up making a smaller quilt so that I had enough of the second yard of “Coal” to finish the quilt which I think will help quite a bit. When I showed it to my mom (aka the quilter), we both agreed there were enough shades of grey in the patterned fabrics to welcome the variation. I like your suggestion for thread, though. Will definitely keep that in mind.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love your new banner–and can’t wait to see the quilt it will become. Also love the architectural feel of the gray and yellow quilt!

    • Thanks! There was something about the picture that seemed to say “banner” to me. I think architectural is a great way to describe the quilt! Good thinking!

  3. I love the “shattered” top. Your batik is beautiful too, and I feel inspired to give my quilts more creative names after visiting your blog 🙂

  4. Love your new blog banner. The blocks turned out so pretty. Great Job! Oh, and btw, I like Bird on a Wire better.

    One more thing, it was fabulous sewing with you last Friday. We should do that more often.

    • Thanks!! :0)

      We should definitely do another sewing afternoon. My kids informed me this evening while we were eating dinner that I’m supposed to be at your house again on Friday. lol, I told them it was news to me.

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  12. I love Shattered and its history. I think I’d consider the variant “coal” hues a design feature and keep going.

    • Thanks! :0) That’s my plan….well, my loose plan. I’m never really sure just exactly where I’ll end up. It’s a bit of a mystery to me until I arrive at the finished piece.

  13. Let me add: I have never tried that approach to design–I think I will have to give it a try.

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