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Walker Announces Legislative Agenda in…California


So, let me get this straight.  Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin (for reasons I’ll never understand) and announces his upcoming legislative agenda in an out-of-state speech.  The only way residents of the state he was elected to represent could attend his speech is by YouTube video.

Ummm…this Reagan delusion of his is getting a bit strange.

For the record, Scott Walker as presidential candidate makes me even more nauseous than Mitt Romney.  I’m just sayin’.

h/t Blue Cheddar


2 thoughts on “Walker Announces Legislative Agenda in…California

  1. My fave thing he wants to do is end same day voter registration because all of us retired folks who worked the polls on Election Day found it so hard to do. Two of us were registering new voters all morning and it was, of course, no problem. And it was pretty obvious looking at many of them which way they were going to vote — which is the real reason Scottie is targeting this issue. I am really worried about all of his plans since we are back to a full GOP legislature. Don’t know how we will be able to fight it except in the courts and that is a dicey proposition as well.

    • Republicans really have mastered the art of insulting the electorate haven’t they? Of course, the better answer is to either move the election to the weekend or declare a national voting holiday which would both increase turnout and solve the problem of volunteers which is not to say that retirees can’t handle registering voters, but imagine how many poll workers we could have and how quickly the lines would move!

      I had hoped that Governor Dropout would temper his plans a bit given that Thompson and Romney both lost, but I suspect that was wishful thinking on my part with GOP control of both houses. I’m trying to focus on being thankful that Knilans was routed so thoroughly with all of his “Oh, poor me, madison liburls are being mean to me!” during the run up to the election.