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Boxed Up


I commented to the family at our Thanksgiving dinner that the husband had made me buy clothes, mostly because the husband working on a holiday meant I was shopping while everyone else was gorging and I thought I had gotten a respectable deal.  It was actually better than the Black Friday deals.  My sister laughed because it was a rather inconceivable sentiment to her.

To say that I hate shopping for clothes is an understatement.

I’m in the process of boxing up all a number of the clothes that I bought so that I can ship them back to Old Navy (because they’re all mail return only).  They arrived this morning and this afternoon when I go to pick up Groceries from school they’ll be at the UPS Store ready to head back.  Too big.  Oddly shaped.  Looks like a pair of pajamas.  Too big.  Too big.  Too big.  Too big.

Old Navy isn’t particularly interested in my business, though, because in order to exchange the stuff that’s too big, I have to pay for them again, ship back my return, and then wait for a refund.

I’m ready to head down to Farm & Fleet, buy myself a pair of mom jeans, and call it done.


2 thoughts on “Boxed Up

  1. OH WOW that is so sad that they sent you the wrong stuff. I am so sorry.

    • Well, they sent the “right” stuff in that it was the stuff that I ordered, but it was wrong in that it just didn’t fit…if that makes sense. And some of it looked completely different in pictures than it did when I put it on me. *sigh* It’s complicated. I told my husband that since I did find pjs that fit just fine, I was just going to wear them. He mumbled something like “mumu.”